Welcome to Stonegrill Penrith

The Stonegrill method of cooking offers an interactive dining experience where your meal is served on a super-heated natural volcanic stone. This method locks in the natural juices and enhances the flavour and tenderness of all food. The result is a freshly grilled, healthy and nutritious meal with a sensational taste, unique to the Stonegrill cooking method.

Enjoy your favorite cuts of meat served sizzling on stone; gently seasoned and just waiting for you to slice and cook the serving exactly to your liking. Simply cut your steaks as desired, and turn until each piece until it’s ready.

The super high temperature of the volcanic stone seals in all the meat’s natural goodness ensuring that the delicious juices tantalize your palette instead of being lost in the cooking process.

As an ancient cooking method, using volcanic stone to cook meat produces an unmatched, natural taste that can’t be replicated with modern cooking techniques. Much like a BBQ grill, volcanic stone offers a unique flavor that truly has to be savoured to be believed.

With some of the most mouthwatering steaks and seafood on the menu, each served with a health portion of salad, vegetables and potatoes, there’s no better way, and non more authentic, than eating tender cuts of steak off directly off the natural volcanic stone it was cooked on. And for dessert, you can enjoy some of our nations favorite sweets delectably created from homemade ingredients and wholesale candies locally made by some of Australia’s best sweet makers.